Version from 01/09/2021

Conditions of Use
  • Services provided by the Prima Ballet DMCC are subject to the conditions stated below in this document. Every time you visit our website, use our services or make a purchase at our schools, you accept the following conditions. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before using our website and our services.
  • Payments should be made before attending the lesson and for the entire booked package.
  • Prima Ballet DMCC will not be able to commit to lessons until payment has been made.
  • All Prima Ballet's fees are quoted per person.
  • A receipt will be issued for all fees paid.
Refunds and freezing

  • Payments are non-refundable
  • Package freezing is not applicable to any packages (except Annual package)
  • Clients leaving the country permanently (or on vacation) for any reason at any part of the term will not be reimbursed for their remaining lessons
No Show:
  • There will be no refunds unless for extraordinary circumstances that are at the decision of the academy management.
  • There will be no refunds for "no shows".
  • If a client misses more than 20% of classes without notice, school has a right to terminate the contract
Gratuite classes
  • Prima Ballet DMCC can provide a gratuite ballet classes for a child, who missed a class with an advance written notice (on with the following conditions:
    • A client has an active package (not expired) with more than 2 lessons not used
    • A gratuite lesson will be scheduled with another group only if there is a free place in the group
    • A gratuite lesson will not increase the length of the package and will not release from liability to attend classes with the main group (to which a child is attached).
  • Not more than 2 gratuite classes can be provided for each monthly package
Dress Code:
  • All students are expected to wear a Prima Ballet Uniform
  • Uniform is obligatory and includes: a ballet leotard (color based on the level & age group), white tights, white ballet shoes. Hair must be gathered in a ballet bun
  • All accessories (incl. rings, watches, etc.) must be removed before the classes
  • Price for uniform is written in school's brochure (available at the reception desk)
Eligibility to classes:
  • A student is eligible to classes iа the these rules are followed:
    • A student is older than 3 years old
    • A student doesn't have any medical contraindications
    • A student has a branded uniform
    • A payment for the package was made in advance
    • A student and accompanying person are following PRIMA BALLET DMCC ethical code
Rules of visit:
  • A student visits PRIMA BALLET DMCC exactly according the schedule of the group (without missing classes)
  • A student enters school prior to the classes (15 mins in advance). Iа a student is late more than 5 min after class starts he/she may not be admitted to enter a ballet class.
  • A student is either older than 18 years or is accompanied by an adult (older than 18 years)
  • Parents are encouraged to observe and support but will not be permitted to attend any session in the dance hall together with their children.
  • The school provides an opportunity to watch lessons on TV
  • TV surveillance is allowed for kids from 3 to 6 years, however for kids of ages 7-18 years school has a right to turn off TV to support children's independence and personal space.
  • Parents or authorized representatives who have left a child at the Prima Ballet DMCC unattended will be solely responsible for any resulting consequences.
  • An accompanying person must be older than 18 years of age. School must be informed in advance in written form that the child will be accompanied by any other person (who is not included in contract)
  • Responsibility for the child's life before and after classes, during events is borne by the legal representative (parent)
  • By purchasing a subscription, the parent confirms that the child has no contraindications to ballet (incl. medical)
  • Prima Ballet DMCC may use a photographer at lessons, performances, and events.
  • Any appropriate images from the photographers may be used for promotional materials and campaigns, on our website and/or on social media platforms.
  • You may not take pictures or videos at the Prima Ballet DMCC unless so permitted by a Prima Ballet employee and the parents of other children present.
Code of ethics

  • the code of ethics is posted on the website
  • in case of violation of the Code of ethics or any rules, the child or parent, school has the right to terminate the contract
  • By enrolling in our services, the client understands and agrees that staff, management and teachers are not liable for any injuries, loss, or damages to personal property while attending dance sessions or other Prima Ballet events.
  • Prima Ballet DMCC is not responsible for injuries and damage caused by another participant.
  • Prima Ballet DMCC reserves the right to update these terms and conditions from time to time and will notify clients in advance. These terms are governed by UAE law.
  • If you lose or misplace any of your belongings while at the Center, contact the police in accordance with law.
  • To maintain safety at the Center, Prima Ballet employees may, without giving their reason for doing so, refuse admittance to any person who does not meet the above requirements or to any other person at the discretion of the employee.
Applicable Law
  • By visiting this website, you agree that the laws of the United Arab Emirates, without regard to principles of conflict laws, will govern these terms and conditions, or any dispute of any sort that might come between Prima Ballet DMCC and you, or its business partners and associates.
  • Any dispute related in any way to your visit to this website or to products you purchase from us shall be arbitrated by state or federal court UAE and you consent to exclusive jurisdiction and venue of such courts.
Do not:
  • Bring any sharp, piercing, or cutting objects, explosives, flammable or poisonous substances, or any other items deemed to be potential weapons or presenting a hazard.
  • Leave the Center without letting our employees know.
  • Break, hit, or toss Center's property, run, fight, push, or show aggression toward students, employees, or any other people present at the Center.
  • Bring pets.
  • Enter the Center with baby strollers, scooters, or roller skates, as well as with any other items that could damage the facility or harm other visitors.
  • Take out any parts, or equipment from the Center.
  • Talk loudly or listen to music in a way that inconveniences other visitors.
  • Visit the Center with signs of a cold or other infectious disease.
  • Let your children use the Center if you are under alcohol or drug influence.
  • Cause damage to any Center property or other visitors' property.
  • Litter or soil the room or other visitors' property.
  • Bring food or beverages to the Changing Area and the Dancing Area.
  • Bring bags, boxes, or backpacks to the Dancing Area.
  • Do anything that may constitute a criminal or civil offense